Halloween fun!

we have been making sparkly spider’s webs with glue and sewing. 

We had fun with ghost bowling 


We used balloons to make ‘rushing ghosts’


Star Assembly 

The children did another great job in star assembly today. We showed are paintings of the emergency services and sang ‘5 little fireman’ and ‘miss polly’

Well done to: Eddie, James, Kayla, Rajiv, Amelia, Olivia, Finn and Kahay for getting your ‘tweaks beaky’ certificates. Jasper got a certificate for fantastic tidying up, Charlie got a certificate for having good manners and Krish got a certificate for kindness.


Police visit

The children very much enjoyed their visit from a police officer today. They had a go at trying on a hat and had a good look at some hand cuffs…luckily no one was arrested!



Fire Service Visit

We all enjoyed the visit from the fire service. They dressed Mrs Stevens up as a firefighter. All of the equipment was quite heavy.

We all had a go at firing the hose.

 The fire fighters showed us round their truck, we even saw the flashing lights and heard the siren.